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Monday - Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Chip Tuning - Austria guarantees for its products and the satisfaction of its customers and has been for 20 years.

We were able to produce the power chip series by most complex tests. At the  moment we are on the highest level of  Chip Tuning. Within shortest time  simply and safe installed, it optimizes the power of your diesel car  up to 35 %.

The products of the power chip series are very simple to install. For simple and fast installation an opening of the control unit is not necessary . The chips are intermediate modules in the supply lines to the injection pump.

Acceleration is a lot more than series values; maximum speed approx.. 5 to 15 km/h over series values. These data are reference values, which can be influenced by different structure variants, weight, gear transmission ratio and tire sizes.

On  test stands measured increases in output is usually higher than our data.

The chips are intermediate modules in the feeders of the injection pump. Depending on model the possibility  of attaching an additional switch to turn the chip on/off exists (e.g. for presentation purposes). Our chip tuning advisors will give you the best information to find the chip which fits to your car!

The new extended version of power chip  works in principle equal to the already existing chip. The PD engines have several injection nozzles which are separately optimized by our chip. Through this process the power of your car is optimized even more.
These chips are also simple and fast to install:  no opening of the control unit is necessary! The chip is already adapted to your cars engine - readjusting is not necessary usually.